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The answer from Nidia Lopez, a council candidate on Fulop s ticket, says it all: I think the Hispanic community deserves an apology and I think our mayor needs psychological help.

"Thompson was a seminal figure, a major inventor of this kind of music," said Koop Kooper, creator of "Cocktail Nation," an Australia-based podcast and radio show that highlights lounge music.

This could wind up being historically the poorest year ever in terms of No. 1 seed quality. It’s too early to know exactly which teams will get those seeds and what their records will look like at season’s end. For instance, Duke still could finish 30-4 by winning out and steamrolling through the ACC Tournament. That would be an accomplished No. 1 seed by the standards of any season. As it stands, however, no recent season has had a collection of top seeds as damaged as these.